Table 2

Standardised and unstandardised regression coefficients for variables entered into the model

VariableBSEβp Value95% CI
WISC-IV FSIQ*0.1970.1740.1010.261−0.149 to 0.542
Gender13.9285.0870.2590.0083.810 to 24.047
WCQ† Confrontive coping54.72940.0960.1600.176−25.033 to 134.492
WCQ Distancing32.01645.6190.0770.485−58.736 to 122.768
WCQ Self-controlling13.63439.7270.0370.732−65.395 to 92.663
WCQ Seeking social support57.11439.9260.1550.156−22.312 to 136.540
WCQ Accepting responsibility49.99033.0910.1620.135−15.838 to 115.817
WCQ Escape/Avoidance129.65654.6620.2470.02020.917 to 238.396
WCQ Positive reappraisal60.50049.9860.1540.230−38.938 to 159.937
CBCL‡ Internalising0.0970.2890.0390.737−0.478 to 0.673
CBCL Externalising1.1730.2910.472<0.0010.594 to 1.753
  • *Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children fourth edition full-scale IQ.

  • †Ways of Coping Questionniare.

  • ‡Child Behavior Checklist.