Table 2

Eligibility criteria for synthesis by source

CriteriaRationale for inclusion
Papers from systematic mapping
  • Primary studies

  • Diabetes focus or where data on diabetes provision could be disaggregated

There was sufficient evidence to support a diabetes-specific focus matching the related primary study. Reviews were excluded from the synthesis in order to avoid synthesising first-order and second-order data (primary studies from eligible reviews were included)
Additional material
  • Peer-reviewed journal paper

  • Primary research

  • Qualitative findings children, young people or young adults /carers/clinicians’ views of provision

  • Sole diabetes focus

  • Published 2004 onwards

  • Carried out in England, Wales or Scotland

Papers from reviews in systematic mapping: resolves difficulties around synthesising first-order and second-order data
Scottish papers kept on file from mapping: a useful resource for future comparisons between different parts of UK
Papers without abstracts kept on file from systematic mapping: as Paediatric Diabetes does not use abstracts, it was important to include papers without abstracts in the synthesis
Hand-searches of reference lists of studies included in the synthesis: standard practice