Table 2

Characteristics of depression studies

StudySymptom of mental health disorderPhysical health conditionInterventionInterventionistType of studyIntervention location/practical accommodations for physical illnessParticipant n (% female)Age of participants M years (SD)Time points for measures/follow-upGlobal quality ratingCountry
Martinović et al32Subthreshold depressionEpilepsyCBT vs TAU (counselling)Qualified therapistsRandomised controlled trialOutpatient epilepsy department15+15 (60)BCI group: 17·2 (2·5)· TAU:17·6 (2·2)Preintervention and postintervention
9-month follow-up
StrongSerbia and Montenegro
McGrady and Hood33Subthreshold depressionDiabetesCBTPsychology postdoctoral fellow/doctoral studentsPre-postSame hospital that participants received diabetes care assessments9 (33)15·77 (1·44)Preintervention and postinterventionStrongUSA
Rosselló and Jiménez-Chafey34DepressionDiabetesGroup CBTDoctoral level psychologistsPre-postUnclear11 (82)14·1 (1·3)Preintervention and postinterventionModeratePuerto Rico
Szigethy et al35; Szigethy et al36DepressionInflammatory bowel diseaseIndividual CBT plus family sessionsPsychiatrist trained in interventionPre-postMost sessions in outpatient office.· Telephone sessions/covered two sessions at once if session missed. Sessions also given during medical procedures/hospitalisations11 (64)14·8 (1·7)Preintervention and postintervention
6-month and 12-month follow-ups
Szigethy et al37; Thompson et al38Subthreshold depressionInflammatory bowel diseaseCBT vs TAU plus depression information leafletSix trained therapists (child and adolescent psychiatrists, child and adolescent psychologists, clinical social workers)Randomised controlled trialMaximum of three sessions over the telephone.
Face-to-face visits coordinated with medical visits/hospitalisations where possible
22 (54·5)+19 (control; 47·5)PASCET: 14·95 (2·33)
TAU: 15·02 (1·83)
Preintervention and postintervention
9-month and 12-month follow-ups
  • CBI, cognitive behavioural intervention; PASCET, Primary and Secondary Control Enhancement Training; TAU, treatment as usual.