Table 1

Demographic characteristics of mothers and infants with (modified) Rome III dyschezia and controls5

1 month3 months9 months
Mother's age (years, mean)30.030.632.631.
 p Value*0.03nsnsnsnsns
 Male (%)45545557404951.2
 Female (%)55464543605148.8
 p Valuensnsnsnsnsns
Birth weight (g, mean)
 p Valuens/ns0.03/nsns/ns0.02/nsns/ns0.005/ns
Exclusively breast fed
 1 month (%)43413643366265.1
 p Value0.002<0.0010.05<0.0010.05ns
 3 months (%)26271824303444.4
 p Value0.008<0.001ns<0.001nsns
  • Rome, diagnosis according to the Rome III criteria; ‘Rome’, same criteria, apart from age; m-Rome, diagnosis according to the suggested modified Rome III criteria.

  • *p Value is tested against the control group.