Table 1

Midazolam clearance in critically ill paediatric patients

Age groupNumber of patientsRange of weight (kg)Mean clearance (mL/kg/min)SDCoefficient of variation (CV) (%)Range of clearance (mL/kg/min)Variation ratio in clearanceCommentsStudy
Preterm neonates151––2.74.5Jacqz-Aigrain et al11
102.3––3.75Individual data availableJacqz-Aigrain et al12
240.8–1.61.8*NANA0.7–6.710de Wildt et al13
90.7– provided by authorsHarte et al14
330.5–10.780.683NANAThe only population PK study with omega2/eta values
CV provided by authors
Lee et al15
Term neonates52.8––3.72Two stage PK study
Individual data available
de Wildt et al16
1870.7–5.21.17<39/40 GA
1.84>39/40 GA
65NANACV provided by authorsBurtin et al17
CV provided by authors
Ahsman et al18
CV provided by authors
Mulla et al19
>28 days–23 months25NA671300.6–25.843Individual data availableHughes et al20
63.6–204.85891.8–169Two stage PK study
Individual data available
de Wildt et al16
245.1–1216.75.2310.1–0.66Not ventilated, mL/min (not kg−1)
CV provided by authors
Peeters et al21
2NA21.8500.4–37.5Two stage PK study
Individual data available
Minagawa and Watanabe22
2–11 years513–881.1NANA0.9–3.84Roberts et al23
415–4063.8722.3–115Two stage PK study
Individual data available
de Wildt et al16
128.7–1214.4NANA9.2–19.72Muchohi et al24
12NA15.5201700.5–66.6133Individual data availableHughes et al20
66.4–25126.655NANAMathews et al25
12–18 years350–623.21.6472–52.5de Wildt et al16
3NA54.51501.5–85Two stage PK study
Individual data available
2 days–17 years213.8–24.553.978NANAVet et al26
8 days–16.2 years22NANANANA1.6–51.632Nahara et al7
26 days–5 years24NA13.510.6781.5–43.429Hartwig et al27
  • *Median. †Mean.

  • CV, coefficient of variation; ECMO, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation; GA, gestational age; NA, not available.