Table 4

Estimated average costs per individual of treating identified diseases and potential cost savings associated with increased breastfeeding rates in the UK (£, 2009–2010 prices)

Gastrointestinal illnesses*Lower respiratory tract infection*Acute otitis media*Necrotising enterocolitis†Maternal breast cancer‡
Current treatment costs17.0275.524.88171.133057.51
Savings with:
 Policy A10.923.120.35
 Policy A22.498.480.96
 Policy A33.8112.941.47
 Policy B10.431.450.16
 Policy C11.526.050.79
 Policy D129.02
 Policy D277.39
 Policy D3125.75
 Policy E148.88
 Policy E267.46
 Policy E388.59
  • *Cost per infant.

  • †Cost per neonatal admission.

  • ‡Cost per primiparous woman.