Abstract PO-0615 Table 1

Cases of Grade III and IV IVH and PVL in infants+6 weeks gestation

Case Grade Gestation Multiplicity Birth weight
Total # scans DOL first scan Indication
A 3 [R]33.3Singleton245040PPHN
B 3 [B]32.6Singleton208072perinatal asphyxia, mother RIP in labour
C 4 [R] and PVL[R]34Multiple214031Twin-twin transfusion syndrome
D PVL [L] only32Singleton150030Pulmonary hypoplasia, oligohydramnnios
E PVL [R] only33.4Multiple240031Hypotonia, respiratory acidosis
F PVL [L] only33.7Singleton221513Meningitis
  • [R]=right sided lesion [L]=left sided lesion [B]=bilateral