Table 2

Patient characteristics at admission of those included in process of care evaluation

CharacteristicsPooled dataHospital-specific estimates
n%95% CI*Median %Range %
Sex (n=1088/1249, 87%)†
 Female4844540 to 494530–64
 Male6045651 to 605536–70
Birth weight (n=1165/1249, 93%)†
 ELBW (<1000 g)171.50.8 to 2.30.80–7.1
 VLBW (1000–<1500 g)118106.9 to 157.11.7–46
 LBW (1500–<2500 g)3703229 to 353319–46
 Normal (2500–<4000 g)6075248 to 575421–68
 LGA (≥4000 g)534.63.3 to 633.60–13
Documented gestation by dates (n=688/1249, 55%)†
 Preterm3394943 to 564930–100
 Term3445044 to 56500–68
 Postdates50.70.3 to 1.900–4
Mode of delivery (n=1167/1249, 93%)†
 SVD7676660 to 716642–96
 Assisted vaginal20.20.0004 to 0.700–1.8
 Breech262.21.2 to 4.30.80–11
 Caesarean3723227 to 38323.9–51
 Born before arrival (n=1055/1249, 84%)†1581511 to 20132.2–58
  • *Adjusted for clustering at hospital level.†n refers to the numerator equal to number of cases with data out of the total 1249 cases; the value for n becomes the item-specific denominator for each section.

  • ELBW, extremely low birth weight; LBW, low birth weight; LGA, large for gestational age; VLBW, very low birth weight; SVD, spontaneous vaginal delivery.