TableĀ 2

Key interventions for malaria prevention and treatment3

Long-lasting insecticidal netsSleeping under nets prevents mosquito bites, and insecticide reduces mosquito burden locally
Indoor residual sprayingApplication of long-lasting chemical insecticides to inside walls to kill mosquitoes
Other vector control measuresInclude application of chemicals to water sources to kill mosquito larvae, under certain conditions
Intermittent preventative treatment during pregnancyPregnant women, who are at increased risk from malaria, are given regular preventative treatment to reduce parasitaemia and improve pregnancy outcomes in endemic areas
DiagnosisPrompt parasitological diagnosis in those with fever using microscopy or rapid diagnostic tests informs malaria treatment
TreatmentPrompt prescription of artemisinin combination therapy for those with Plasmodium falciparum or chloroquine and primaquine for those with Plasmodium vivax infections