Table 1

Number of countries, percentage of children under 5 years and percentage of injury in all-cause mortality according to region and country economic category, 2010

RegionsNumber of countriesUnder 5 population (%)Percentage of injury in all-cause mortality (under 5 years)
Sub-Saharan Africa46140.4 million5.510.6
South Asia6174.5 million4.213.4
Latin America and the Caribbean2949.1 million13.331.0
Eastern Europe/Central Asia2925.5 million8.930.0
Asia East, South East and Pacific26144.4 million9.125.4
North Africa/Middle East1946.7 million5.821.7
OECD3257.4 million9.636.6
  • HICs, high-income countries; LICs, low-income countries; LMICs, lower- and middle-income countries; OECD, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development; UMICs, upper- and middle-income countries.