Abstract PS-375 Table 1
Number of cases Concordance with clinical diagnosis (%) x-ray performed (%) Non invasive ventilation (NIV) Hours of NIV (mean) Mechanical ventilation (MV) Hours of MV (mean) Surfactant
NNT2893% NNT96%96%7.40%00%
RDS9100% RDS100%100%116.878%84.389%
MAS2100% MAS100%100%60100%840%
BL+333% NNT100%100%12.6000%
BL250% NNT100%50%43.500%
AL5100% Normal80%100%3.520%30%
NT1100% NT100%0%10%00%
  • Newborn Transient Tachypnea (NTT), Respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), Meconium Aspiration (MAS)

  • B plus lines (BL+), B lines (BL), A lines (AL), Pneumothorax (NT)