Table 1

Description of maternal diagnostic status during the study (n=286)

Lifetime until conception (Initial diagnostic groups)Lifetime until delivery (T3)Lifetime until 16 months (T7)
No AD (Reference)10035.09131.88329.0
 Pure D4616.14214.73311.5
 Pure A7927.68429.48429.4
 Comorbid AD6121.36924.18630.1
No anxiety disorder (no AD, pure D) (Reference)14651.013346.511640.6
 Any anxiety disorder (pure A, comorbid AD)14049.015353.517059.4
No depressive disorder (no AD, pure A) (Reference)17962.617561.216758.4
 Any depressive disorder (pure D, comorbid AD)10737.411138.811941.6
  • (No AD) no anxiety nor depressive disorder prior to pregnancy, (Pure D) pure depressive disorder(s) prior to pregnancy, (Pure A) pure anxiety disorder(s) prior to pregnancy, (Comorbid AD) comorbid anxiety and depressive disorders prior to pregnancy, (n) number, (%) percentage. Please note that all participants of the initial diagnostic groups were reallocated if they reported incident anxiety and/or depressive disorders. For example, a woman with an incident anxiety disorder during pregnancy who was initially classified as no AD prior to pregnancy was then classified as pure A until delivery.