Table 4

Deaths during study period

Number of patients who died*Event rate per 100 person years
(95% CI)
All patients (n=494)515.96 (4.32 to 7.60)
Never TB (n=286)286.31 (3.97 to 8.65)
TB prior to ART (n=161)217.01 (4.01 to 10.00)
TB IRIS (n=23)310.82 (2.23 to 31.63)
Incident TB (n=32)0
  • *Note, that one patient had TB IRIS and TB prior to ART. Therefore, in total, 51 deaths occurred, but when adding never TB (deaths=28), TB prior to ART (deaths=21), TB IRIS (deaths=3) and incident TB (death=0) together, number of deaths equals 52.

  • ART, antiretroviral therapy; TB, tuberculosis; TB IRIS, immune reconstitution or unmasking TB.