Table 2

Baseline demographic and clinical characteristics for all study patients

Characteristic at ART initiationN
Median age in months (IQR)4947.3 (4.0–13.4)
Male gender (%)494233 (47.2)
Median WAZ (IQR)448−2.48 (−3.85 to −0.91)
Median CD4 cell count (IQR)439757 (385–1404)
Median CD4% (IQR)43117.3 (11.1–26.4)
Severe immune suppression (%)431295 (68.5)
Median log10 (VL) (IQR)3795.87 (5.20–6.45)
 Number of patients prescribed any IPT (%)104 (21.1)
 Total number of courses127
 Median duration of course in months (IQR)5.5 (3.1–6.4)
  • ART, antiretroviral therapy; IPT, isoniazid preventive therapy; VL, HIV viral load; WAZ, weight-for-age Z score.