Table 3

Examples of paediatric intensive care (PIC) research networks

Name of organisationAcronymCountryDescription of the organisationYear establishedWebsite
Paediatric Intensive Care Society—Study groupPICS-SGUKFacilitates national RCT collaboration and close links with Paediatric Intensive Care Audit Network data coordination team2005
Australia and New Zealand Intensive Care SocietyANZICSAustralia and New ZealandMultidisciplinary group of PIC personnel who design and conduct multicentre research in PICUs including adult units that admit children2003
Paediatric Acute Lung Injury and Sepsis InvestigatorsPALISIUSA/CanadaA collaboration of clinical researchers in 78 PICUs across North America. Areas of interest include acute lung injury, sepsis and multiorgan failure in children2002
Paediatric Emergency Care Applied Research NetworkPECARNUSAFederally funded paediatric emergency medicine research network. PECARN conducts research on the prevention and management of acute illnesses and injuries in children2001
Collaborative Paediatric Critical Care Research NetworkCPCCRNUSANetwork of PICUs and a data coordinating centre funded by National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. The Network seeks to reduce morbidity and mortality in paediatric critical illness and injury2004
Canadian Critical Care Trials GroupCCCTG: Pediatric interest groupCanadaGroup of Canadian researchers and practitioners committed to improving the lives and care of the critically ill by conducting relevant research, in response to healthcare needs2000
World Federation of Paediatric Intensive and Critical care societiesWFPICCSInternationalStrives for the worldwide survival of every critically ill and injured child and the well-being of its family. It seeks to advance professional knowledge, enhance skills and share best practices. Arranges World Congress of PIC at regular intervals1997
European Society of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive CareESPNICEuropeanThe society is dedicated to developing the evidence base that informs clinical practice and to meeting the needs of members, giving them a voice within the European and international context1998 (ESPIC in 1988)
  • PICU, paediatric intensive care units; RCT, randomised controlled trial.