Table 1

Online survey questions and responses (percentage of respondents rounded to nearest whole number)

QuestionOptions‘Whooping cough (also known as Pertussis) in newborn babies’ (%)‘Influenza in women while pregnant’ (%)‘Group B streptococcus (GBS) infection in newborn babies’ (%)‘Heavy bleeding in pregnancy’ (used as non-infectious control for determining perceptions of severity) (%)
How familiar are you with this condition?Never heard of it/do not know what it is284063
Heard of it and know what it is675733
Have been directly affected by it534
How serious do you think this condition is?Not serious4641
Do not know811185
How likely would you be to have a vaccine for this condition during pregnancy?Likely7572 Before information about GBS After information about GBS  
Do not know17172011