Table 4

Sociodemographic and perinatal factors and excessive infant crying (n=286)

Excessive crying (n=286)
No (n=257)Yes (n=29)
n%n%OR95% CIp Value
Marital status prior to pregnancy
 Not married15887.82212.21.970.814.780.134
Level of maternal education
 High education (>10th grade)18392.4157.6
 Low education (10th grade)7484.11415.92.311.065.020.035
Maternal occupation
 Not employed2187.5312.51.300.364.640.690
 >37 weeks gestational age24890.2279.8
 <37 weeks gestational age981.8218.22.040.429.940.377
Type of delivery
 Vaginal delivery24590.4269.6
 Caesarian section1280.0320.02.360.628.890.206
Sex of infant
meanSDmeanSDOR95% CIp Value
Maternal age28.44.325.94.80.860.780.950.004
Birth weight3450.9461.23361.4421.
  • (n) number, (%) percentage, excessive infant crying was defined as crying for ≥3 h per day ≥3 days per week for ≥3 weeks, bold characters display statistically significant associations on the 5% level.