Table 1

The imaging recommended for screening children following a UTI, according to the Newcastle guidelines, modified from the 1991 RCP publication

Age categories (years)Clinical featuresUltrasoundDMSAMCUG
<1First UTI+++
1–4First UTI++
>4First UTI++
  • *For a child aged 1–4 years with a recurrent UTI and a previously normal MCUG, no investigations are needed. If no prior MCUG had been done, the options include having one then, or managing the child as if they were known to have VUR, and undertaking a MAG3 indirect cystogram from the age of about 3.5 years.

  • DMSA, dimercaptosuccinic acid; MCUG, micturating cystourethrogram; RCP, Royal College of Physicians; UTI, urinary tract infection; VUR, vesicoureteric reflux.