Table 2

Rates of firearm-related injuries per 100 000 children

Rate per 100 000*95% CI
Overall rate23.9(14.5 to 33.3)
 Non-fatal injuries23.5(14.1 to 32.9)
 Fatal injuries0.4(−0.2 to 1.0)
 Men41.8(23.7 to 59.9)
 Women5.1(2.2 to 8.0)
 White15.8(5.7 to 26.0)
 Black76.6(46.0 to 107.2)
 Other4.27(−2.0 to 10.6)
 Hispanic15.5(2.7 to 28.3)
 Non-Hispanic and Unknown26.4(13.3 to 39.6)
 Northeast22.0(2.9 to 41.2)
 Midwest26.7(8.6 to 44.9)
 South37.1(13.1 to 61.1)
 West14.3(5.4 to 23.3)
  • *These rates are derived from the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, which is based on a nationally representative sample of emergency department and ambulatory care centre visits in the USA, and population estimates from the US Census.