Abstract G224(P) Table 1
S. NoActivityRecordedNot recordedComments
1Date and Time of start6535Dates are recorded in all the notes. This percentage is combined representative of date and time documentation
2Address labels2179Few notes have written notes with no labels
3Child protection register8713Documentation was good in the written notes but information lost in reports
4Indication/ source of referral1000All reports and notes had clear mention of source and indication of referral.
5Verbatim documentation8911Few Hand written notes were difficult to interpret.
6Who when, where about injuries8515
7Consent for photography and photography documentation in report3367Very few notes had mention about the photograph taken.
8Time interval between examination and report prepared <48 hrs8416Most of the reports were done with in 48 hrs.
9Reporting of Consistency of injury with history8812in few reports skewed messages were given rather than clear documentation about consistency
10Opinion regarding case and further clear management plan8515Few ambiguous opinion were marked as not recorded after discussion with consultant
11Report Copied to all appropriate personals involved8515
12Time of end of examination0100Recorded in all reports