Table 2

Acceptability of four different oral formulations (n=148 children)

 VAS scoreResult of the intake
First day (four different groups)All four days (cross-over design)All four days
Mean* (95% CI)Mean* (95% CI)Mean† (95% CI)
Numerical data
 Tablet9.39 (8.85 to 9.93), n=329.01 (8.75 to 9.28)1.96 (1.92 to 2.00)
 Powder8.84 (8.19 to 9.49), n=458.20 (7.84 to 8.56)1.58 (1.44 to 1.71)
 Suspension8.26 (7.47 to 9.04), n=347.90 (7.42 to 8.38)1.70 (1.57 to 1.83)
 Syrup8.35 (7.45 to 9.25), n=378.19 (7.73 to 8.64)1.67 (1.54 to 1.80)
p Value‡p Value‡p Value§
Testing for any differences
 Tablet versus powder<0.0010.054<0.001
 Tablet versus suspension<0.0010.001<0.001
 Tablet versus syrup<0.0010.027<0.001
 Powder versus suspension0.3780.0600.081
 Powder versus syrup0.8690.6110.168
 Suspension versus syrup0.1640.3020.513
  • *Estimate of the mean acceptability as expressed on a 10 cm visual analogue scale (VAS score).

  • †Estimate of the mean number of administrations of a formulation that were fully swallowed, maximum n=2.00.

  • ‡p Values of the Mann–Whitney/Wilcoxon tests regarding any differences between the mean VAS scores of two different formulations.

  • §p Values of the Z tests comparing pairs of formulations regarding the mean number of administrations that were fully swallowed.