Table 1

Characteristics of cases (upper gastrointestinal complications) and controls (neurological disorders)

Cases (N=486)%Controls (N=1930)%p Value
Median age, months (25th–75th percentile)41 (15–71)46 (11–115)0.01
Median LoS, days (25th–75th percentile)3 (2–5)3 (2–6)0.69
Chronic diseases7515.426513.70.37
 Gastrointestinal disease122.5211.10.06
 Haematological disorders40.870.40.42
 Recurrent infections30.6120.60.90
 Neurological problems81.6402.10.43
 Birth defects102.1412.10.78
Drug exposure (at least one)35372.6104254.0<0.001
Indication for use of drugs*
  • *The percentage was calculated on drug exposure.

  • LoS, length of stay; URTI, upper respiratory tract infection.