Table 2

Children's exposure to TV/videos/DVDs and electronic games at age 5 years

Television/video/DVD use (term time weekday) at age 5 years*
 None1.5 901.9 1041.7 194
 Less than an hour17.599220.5113818.92130
 1 h to less than 3 h65.0359763.9346464.57061
 3 h to less than 5 h10.35799.04769.71055
 5 h to less than 7 h2.31271.91012.1228
 7 h or more3.31792.91393.1318
Computer/electronic games use (term time weekday) at age 5 years†
 Less than an hour43.7245747.1253345.34990
 1 h to less than 3 h24.1136814.781319.52181
 3 h to less than 5 h2.31191.2671.8186
 5 h to less than 7 h0.6380.3140.552
 7 h or more0.9430.4220.765
  • Notes: percentages allow for survey design and weights.

  • *Gender difference in TV viewing p=0.003.

  • †Gender difference in electronic games p<0.001.