Table 1

Selected sample characteristics, Millennium Cohort Study

%N unweighted
Gender of child
 Female51.1 5576
Maternal ethnic group
Maternal highest education level, child aged 1 year*
 NVQ 19.9859
 NVQ 235.53203
 NVQ 316.91656
 NVQ 433.83349
 NVQ 53.9421
Maternal employment, child aged 5 years
 Not in work58.46615
 In work41.64934
Household equivalised income, child aged 1 year
 Below 60% of The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) median poverty indicator71.67282
 Above 60% of OECD median poverty indicator28.42926
Biological father in household, child aged 5 years
Siblings, child age 5 years
 Three or more11.41325
  • *NVQ (National Vocational qualification) level represents highest academic or vocational educational qualification obtained. In terms of academic qualifications, the two highest levels are level 4 (corresponding to a first university degree or a diploma in higher education) and level 5 (corresponding to a higher degree). Degree-level professional, nursing or other medical vocational qualifications are treated as equivalent to level 4.

  • OECD, The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.