TableĀ 2

Drugs most frequently prescribed and the top three diagnoses for which they were given

Total number of encounters with the particular drug (% of all prescribing encounters)Total number of diagnoses the drug was given forMost common diagnoses for given drug (% of diagnoses with given drug)
Paracetamol2107 (88.8)2653Diarrhoea (13.9)Cough and cold (13.0)Pneumonia (8.0)
Co-trimoxazole954 (40.2)1213Pneumonia (15.6)Cough and cold (11.6)Skin infection (10.6)
Oral rehydration salts512 (21.6)712Diarrhoea (55.0)Diarrhoea and Dehydration (3.4)Malaria (2.5)
Multiple vitamin442 (18.6)577Cough and cold (22.2)Diarrhoea (13.0)Fever (13.0)
Amoxicillin280 (11.8)362Pneumonia (17.7)Cough and cold (14.1)Fever (8.6)
Metronidazole204 (8.6)283Diarrhoea (39.2)Fever (9.2)Dysentery (8.8)
Coartem171 (7.2)217Malaria (73.7)Fever (5.1)Diarrhoea (4.6)
  • Patients with single and multiple diagnoses were used and all diagnoses given were included to calculate percentages.