Table 2

Example of an acute lymphoblastic leukaemia treatment programme in Brazil*

Sensitivity analysis
3% Discounting6% Discounting0% Discounting†
Years of life lost without treatment35.9020.2667.14
Years lived with disability without treatment0.020.020.02
Years lived with disability during treatment0.140.140.18
DALYs lost per untreated case, years35.9220.2867.20
National DALYs with no treatment, years48 298.4127 265.8890 314.76
National DALYs averted with treatment, years29 049.9115 968.1154 993.68
Upper limit of cost effective, US$/case$771 225$423 926$1 459 988
Upper limit of very cost effective, US$/case$257 075$141 309 $486 663
  • *If results from the included sample study were replicated at the national level.

  • †No age weight was applied as well.

  • DALYs, disability-adjusted life years; YLD, years lived with disability.