Table 4

Comparison of cost-effectiveness thresholds among common childhood cancers: examples from several different countries

FactorBrazilMalawiEl SalvadorEl SalvadorChinaBrazilUSABrazilMorocco
Type of paediatric cancerALLBLSR-ALLHR-ALLALLALLALLBLWilms
Event free survival definition5 years1 year5 years5 years5 years5 years5 years5 years5 years
Percentage abandoning treatment*1%48.3%
Percentage event free survival†63%48%56.3%48.6%38.5%83.6%85.6%39%56.0%
Country gross domestic product per capita‡$11 900$900$7600$7600$8500$11 900$49 000$11 900$5100
Country life expectancy‡72.7952.3173.6973.6974.8472.7978.4972.7976.11
Age at diagnosis5.
Upper limit of very cost effective, US$/case$257 075$14 243$147 756$129 037$58 620$344 385$1 454 695$167 146$100 285
Upper limit of cost effective, US$/case$771 225$42 729$443 268$387 112$175 859$1 033 156$4 364 086$501 438$300 855
  • *When no abandonment percentage is listed, authors included the statistic as part of overall event free survival calculations.

  • †In all studies cited, relapse and abandonment were included as events when calculating event free survival.

  • ‡All life expectancy and gross domestic product per capita data obtained from The World Factbook.21

  • ALL, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia; BL, Burkitt lymphoma.