Table 3

Population pharmacokinetic parameters of vancomycin and bootstrap results (n=500)

PKRSE (%)Bootstrap
Median2.5th %ile97.5th %ile
Volume of distribution (l) V
 V=θ1×(current weight/1416)θ2
Clearance (l/h) CL
 CL=θ3×(current weight/1416)θ4×Fmatuation×RF
 Fmatuation=(birth weight/1010)θ5×(1+θ6×(PNA/17))
 Inter-individual variability (%)
 Residual variability
  Proportional (%)20.314.119.910.424.4
  Additive (mg/l)2.2831.02.420.783.83
  • CREA, serum creatinine concentrations (µmol/l); Fmaturation, clearance maturation; PNA, postnatal age; RF, renal function.

  • In our population, 1416g, 1010g, 17 days and 42 μmol/l are the median weight (day of the study), birthweight postnatal age and serum creatinine concentration values, respectively.

  • PK, pharmacokinetics; RSE, relative standard error.