Table 4

Responses to psychosocial questions: percentage of positive responses by group and country

CDWs, %Controls, %p ValueCDWs, %Controls, %p Value
I can count on friends for help and support2541<0.00152670.002
I can count on adults for help and support.2842<0.00168830.0005
There's nobody I can go to if I need help*5818<0.00116140.57
I feel proud of myself2349<0.00190920.48
I am happy with who I am33360.3190901
I feel I am an important member of my own family2747<0.00183860.41
I am in charge of my own life40420.5267650.67
I feel that other people make all of my decisions for me*4625<0.0011790.02
When I have a lot to do I sometimes feel very overwhelmed*3823<0.00165530.015
I have trouble concentrating*36310.0944340.04
My mind gets tired from everything I have to think about*42300.00169650.39
The activities I spend most of my time doing are important to me5839<0.00197920.028
I am shy*6413<0.00156470.071
I hardly ever start conversations*4827<0.00142330.063
I feel a lot of stress*5522<0.00171520.0001
I know how to relax and enjoy myself3563<0.00183900.04
I laugh easily with friends2156<0.00184850.78
There are things about myself I hide from others*36320.1849540.32
I hope I can change my life for the better3253<0.000187910.20
Mean total psychosocial score17.725.50.00728.629.60.8
Percentage with lowest tertile psychosocial score6725<0.00136300.2
  • * Reversed for summating total score.

  • CDW, child domestic worker.