Table 1

Grade of respondents to our local survey: who regularly admit, clerk or consent children undergoing procedures under general anaesthesia

Nurses (n=95)Doctors (n=48)
Sister (senior nurse)24%Consultant33%
Staff nurse55%Registrar40%
Healthcare assistant14%SHO25%
Student nurse7%CNS2%
  • Doctors surveyed are paediatricians who regularly perform procedures under general anaesthesia (gastroenterology, oncology), specialist paediatric surgeons (general, urology, orthopaedic) and system specialist surgeons (otorhinology, spinal, cardiothoracic).

  • CNS, clinical nurse specialist: who takes consent for and performs endoscopy under general anaesthesia; his responses are included within the ‘doctors’ data for the sake of anonymity; SHO, senior house officer.