Table 2

Auxology and medical instability by pre or postmenarcheal status in female patients

Premenarcheal (n=131)Postmenarcheal (n=38)Statistics
Weight z-score mean (SD)N=126; −1.19 (1.22)N=36; −0.13 (0.89)t Test
Difference in means 1.07 (95% CI 0.70 to 1.44)
Height z-score mean (SD)N=124; −0.25 (1.08)N=3; 0.88 (0.88)t Test
Difference in means 1.14 (95% CI to 0.78–1.50)
BMI Z-score mean (SD)N=124; −1.73 (1.47)N=33; −0.91 (1.14)t Test
Difference in means 0.82(95% CI to 0.35–1.30)
%BMI median (IQR)N=124; 81.32 (16.00)N=33; 88.10 (10.00)Mann–Whitney U, U=1259.5, z=−3.4
Weight loss (kg) median (IQR)N=69; 2.20 (5.03)N=19; 3.15 (14.8)Not significant
Rate of weight loss (kg/week) median (IQR)N=39; 0.19 (0.23)N=13; 0.31 (0.36)Not significant
Duration of symptoms (months) median (IQR)N=116; 6.00 (8.0)N=36; 5.50 (4.50)Mann–Whitney U, U=1539.5, z=−2.40
  • %BMI, body mass index as a percentage of population median (50th centile) for age and sex.

  • Where data were missing within domains, actual numbers are shown (n).