Table 2

Clinicians' comments regarding the exercise of judging BMI patterns for success in weight management

Range of change in BMI (kg/m2)
CategoryOver 6 monthsOver 12 monthsClinician comments
1: marked increase in obesity+1.4 to +4.9+2.4 to +5.3If there was indecision regarding the extent of change, crossing a centile line seemed to be an important factor in decided if it was category 1 or 2. Both children in category 1 who made small changes in BMI (1.5 kg/m2) were less severely obese with BMI <99.6th centile.
2: some increase in obesity+0.6 to +2.1+1.6 to +3.1Once again clinicians were guided by parallelity to centile lines and found it harder to judge at higher BMI measurements due to the distance between centile lines.
3: no real change in obesity+0.2 to +1.2+0.5 to +2.0Clinicians appeared to be very clearly guided by centiles and took no change to be tracking along a centile line. All children were close to the 99.6th centile or below.
4: some decrease in obesity−0.5 to +0.4−1.3 to +1.1When BMI was held steady this was seen to be an indicator of some decrease in obesity.
5: marked decrease in obesity−0.6 to −6.7−1.0 to −2.8Crossing centile lines was again important. Children with <2 BMI unit reduction were all in the lower centiles.
  • BMI, body mass index.