Table 2

EEG characteristics compared with outcome

CharacteristicCategoryGood outcomePoor outcomeOR95% CIp Value
Background characteristics
 Initial amplitudeLow1013
Medium34100.20.1 to 0.7<0.01
High1140.30.1 to 1.30.07
 Final amplitudeLow2316
Medium29110.60.2 to 1.40.21
 Initial frequencyTheta+some delta73
Delta48231.10.3 to 4.80.9
Mainly theta/greater010.2
 Final frequencyTheta+some delta94
Delta45231.20.3 to 4.20.8
Mainly theta/greater00
Seizure profile
 During admissionNo seizure205
Seizures35222.50.8 to 7.90.1
 During monitoringNo seizure4113
Seizures14143.21.1 to 8.70.02
 Seizure typesElectrographic seizures12102.10.8 to 5.90.1
Electroclinical seizures562.90.8 to 10.70.1