Table 3

NICE holistic assessment5

Skin/physical severityImpact on quality of life
ClearNormal skin, no evidence of active atopic eczemaNoneNo impact on quality of life
MildAreas of dry skin, infrequent itching (with or without small areas of redness)MildLittle impact on everyday activities, sleep and psychosocial wellbeing
ModerateAreas of dry skin, frequent itching, redness (with or without excoriation and localised skin thickening)ModerateModerate impact on everyday activities and psychosocial wellbeing, frequently disturbed sleep
SevereWidespread areas of dry skin, incessant itching, redness (with or without excoriation, extensive skin thickening, bleeding, oozing, cracking and alteration of pigmentation)SevereSevere limitation of everyday activities and psychosocial functioning, nightly loss of sleep
  • There is not necessarily a direct relationship between the severity of the atopic eczema and the impact of the atopic eczema on quality of life.