Table 2

Propranolol dosing, duration and outcome in infantile haemangiomas

AuthorCountry of studyNumber of patientsDose range (mg/kg/day)Age range (median, months) at initiation (months)Location of haemangiomaDuration of treatment (months)Outcome
Buckmiller et al6USA4121.5–30 (7.1)Multiple sitesNot reported16 excellent responders 15 partial responders 1 non-responder
Leaute-Labreze et al7France112–32–6 (3.2)Facial: 10 Forearm: 14–12All regressed or stabilised
Sans et al8France322–32–41 (4.2)Multiple sites3–1010 regressed 6 mild relapse 9 treatment ongoing
Denoyelle et al9France22–34 and 11Phaces: 1 Subglottic: 17Both responded with no regression
Rosbe et al10USA31–23 weeks–8 months (4.9)Subglottic7–182 completely responded
Marsciani et al11Italy11–22HepaticNot reportedExcellent response
Li et al12Australia4211 weeks–2.5 years (10.5)Orbital6–12 monthsAll improved
Manunza et al13UK3021.2–13.5 (5.8)Facial3.5–15All improved
Haider et al14USA17Initially 0.5, increased slowly to 23 weeks–12 monthsPeriocularUntil resolution or 9–11 months of age10 excellent responders 6 good response 1 fair response
Maturo et al15USA223 and 5AirwayNot reportedBoth responded
Nauouri et al16France41–25 weeks–5 months (3.0)UlceratedLip: 1 Body: 2 Skull: 192 ongoing treatment3 excellent response 1 relapsed off treatment
Qin et al17China581–1.51–12 (4)Multiple2–510 excellent response 35 good response 12 moderate response 1 poor response