Table 4

Positive discriminators for children with MTS high urgency (U1–2) (n=390)

Urgency levelPositive discriminatorSBINon-SBIOR (95% CI)
Urgency ‘immediate’ (U1)Currently fitting08NC
Inadequate breathing07NC
Airway compromise06NC
Total U1026NC
Urgency ‘very urgent’ (U2)High fever272071.16 (0.74 to 1.82)
Increased work of breathing16*582.56 (1.42 to 4.59)
Altered conscious level113NC
Very low SaO23*4NC
Non-blanching rash07NC
Cold (temperature)05NC
Significant haematological history03NC
Cardiac pain03NC
Abnormal pulse02NC
Severe pain11NC
Signs of severe pain11NC
Responds to voice or pain only02NC
Passing fresh or altered blood (in stool)11NC
Signs of meningism11NC
Facial oedema1*0NC
Abrupt onset01NC
Total U253*3111.80 (1.24 to 2.63)
Total U1 and U253 (14%)*337 (86%)1.61 (1.11 to 2.34)
  • * Indicates a significant difference (p<0.05).

  • Discriminators as used in the modified MTS first edition.18

  • NC, ORs not calculated with <5 cases in a cell (Fisher's exact test for significance was used when cells contained less than five cases); when cells contained zero cases, 0.5 was added to each cell.

  • MTS, Manchester triage system; SaO2, oxygen saturation; SBI, serious bacterial infection.