Table 2

Clinical details and outcome for 10 children with long QT syndrome having water-triggered cardiac events

SubjectAge at first symptom (years)Age at water-related event (years)Age at diagnosis (years)Event presentationResuscitationQTc (ms)Outcome
1121212Underwater syncope at private poolNo560Good
27714Underwater syncope during swimming raceNo482Good
3131313Syncope plus seizure after swimming in lakeNo700Good (one episode of TdP on ICD)
4131313Underwater syncope during swimming raceNo520Good
58108Underwater syncope during swimming raceNo520Good
6111111Underwater syncope, near drowningNo460Good (Paroxysmal AF)
7888Near drowning, VT arrest in private poolYes CPR and DCC570Spastic quadriplegic
8710PosthumousSyncope after swimming underwaterNoLater died during hockey warm up
955 and 3622Underwater syncope plus collapse at hot poolsNo570Good (TdP on ICD)
10334Slipped through a flotation ringNo590Good
  • AF, atrial fibrillation; CPR, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation; DCC, direct current cardioversion; ICD, intracardiac defibrillator; QTc, maximal heart rate corrected QT interval (see text); TdP, torsade de pointes.