Abstract G201 Table 1

Death categorisation and characteristics

Frequency (proportion)Gender % male)Median (range) age in monthsEthnicity (non-white) N=245% Known to child protection services* N=268
Infanticide/covert homicide13 (4.7%)100%1.0 (0–39)58.3%16.7%
Severe physical assault60 (21.7%)60%4.0 (0–51)29.1%11.9%
Extreme neglect4 (1.4%)25%23.5 (3–84)33.3%0.0%
Deliberate/overt homicide31 (11.2%)68%70.0 (5–23)36.7%23.3%
Death related to but not directly caused by maltreatment138 (50%)55%34.0 (0–215)16.9%38.8%
Total deaths276 (100%)59%8.5 (0–201)27.3%29.5%
  • * those cases where the index child or a sibling was currently, or had previously been, subject to a child protection plan.

  • includes those deaths which could not be classified.