Table 2

Univariable linear regression models predicting percentage wasting prevalence (WHO) from wasting prevalence (NCHS)

Regression slope95% CI (slope)Constant (%)95% CI (constant)Pearson's rResidual SD (%)
Severe infant wasting3.54(2.6 to 4.4)2.3(0.9 to 3.7)0.882.1
Severe child wasting1.68(1.5 to 1.8)0.1(−0.2 to 0.5)0.980.4
Moderate infant wasting1.43(1.1 to 1.8)2.0(0.4 to 3.6)0.891.9
Moderate child wasting0.86(0.8 to 0.9)0.0(−0.4 to 0.4)0.990.5
  • p Values for all rows are <0.001.

    NCHS, National Center for Health Statistics.