Abstract G131(P) Table 1

Paediatricians' self-reported competencies in managing obesity and its comorbidities

% reporting (n=167)
Perceived competencyMean (SD)Very (3)Quite (2)A little (1)Not at all (0)
Obesity management
Discussing child's weight when a parent broaches it2.6 (0.6)673111
Broaching issue of an obese child's weight yourself2.4 (0.7)474571
Assessing an obese child2.2 (0.7)3456101
Managing a child with obesity1.7 (0.7)1353314
Making a difference to an obese child's weight1.1 (0.6)2186910
Comorbidity management
Obstructive sleep apnoea1.7 (0.9)15492610
Depression1.6 (0.8)13443410
Bullying and social difficulties1.6 (0.8)1342387
Insulin resistance and/or pre-diabetes1.1 (0.9)7254028
Hypertension1.3 (0.8)4413619
Fatty liver disease0.9 (0.8)3194137
Dyslipidaemia0.9 (0.7)1195229