Table 2

Comparison of thyroid-autoimmunity-positive and -negative patients with CD at the end of follow-up

TA-positive patients
with CD (n=65 (12%))
TA-negative patients
with CD (n=480 (88%))
Mean age at CD diagnosis (years, (mean±SD))4.9±0.64.9±0.2
Duration of GFD at study entry (years, (mean±SD))7.9±0.910.2±0.3*
Patients with duration of GFD <6 years, % (N)89 (47/53)92 (48/52)
Positive family history for AD, % (N)28 (18/65)26 (125/480)
Positive family history for CD, % (N)14 (9/65)21 (101/480)
Positive DQ2100 (14/14)93 (126/136)
Positive DQ808 (11/136)
Weight gain (kg/year)1.8±1.02.1±1.2
Height gain (cm/year)3.7±1.54.0±1.1
  • All values are expressed as mean±SD, if not otherwise specified.

  • * p<0.001.

  • Human leucocyte antigen was assessed in 14 patients with CD with TA and in 136 patients with CD without TA.

  • These data were evaluated only in prepubertal patients.

  • AD, autoimmune diseases; CD, coeliac disease; GFD, gluten-free diet; TA, thyroid autoimmunity.