Table 2

Interventions and outcome measures for programmes which produced significant improvements

Cadario et al30Gholap et al27Holmes-Walker et al32Lane et al25Nakhla et al31Vidal et al33
 Disease specific education programme
 Generic education/skills training
 Transition co-ordinator
 Joint paediatric/adult clinic
 Separate young adult clinic
 Out of hours phone support
 Enhanced follow-up
Intervention vs control group (30 vs 32 patients)Intervention group (68 patients) vs recent population figuresSingle group, pre-intervention and post-intervention (91 patients)Intervention vs control group (96 vs 153 patients)Comparison of existing centres with differing transition procedures (1507 patients)Single group, pre-intervention and post-intervention (80 patients)
Outcome measures used (✓ = statistically significant result, x = not significant, ? = statistical significance not stated)
 Acute complications (diabetic ketoacidosis, hypoglycaemia)×
 Rate of loss to follow-up/clinic attendance rate?×
 Chronic complications (hypertension, nephropathy, retinopathy)
 Self-management skills
 Disease specific knowledge
 Rate of screening for complications
 Diabetes-related quality of life score×
  • * For the tertile with highest HbA1c; no significant difference for group as a whole.