Table 2

Perception and knowledge of epilepsy among doctors working in paediatric wards in 2009

Question/answerDoctors n=47 (%)
Are you afraid of CWE? Yes10 (21)
Are CWE accepted by society? Yes29 (62)
Can CWE work as others? Yes28 (60)
Can PWE do hard work? Yes8 (17)
Will you let your child marry an epileptic? Yes33 (70)
Can CWE have a normal life with treatment? Yes40 (85)
Is epilepsy a transmissible disease? Yes12 (26)
Epilepsy is transmitted mainly through saliva? Yes4 (9)
Do you trust the modern treatment of epilepsy? Yes31 (66)
Ever diagnosed a case of epilepsy? Yes31 (66)
Mean number of seizures before starting a treatment5.5 (0–11.4)
Cannot quote an AED8 (17)
Knows the correct phenobarbital dosage0 (100)
Knows the correct diazepam dosage14 (30)
  • AED, antiepileptic drug; CWE, children living with epilepsy; PWE, patients living with epilepsy.