Table 2

Ventilation characteristics

PatientResuscitation status: for intubation and ventilation?Total number of intubationsReferred for management to facilitate dischargeNon protocol-led extubation successProtocol-led extubation successAdmissions managed with non-invasive aidsHome mechanical insufflation/exsufflation?NIPPV use at discharge after initiationNIPPV use at present or before death
BY1Y010NNocturnally24 h a day
CN0YNANA0N18 h a day24 h a day
DY2N0Not attempted0NAcclimatisation to NIPPVNocturnally
EY0YNANA2Y18 h per day16 h per day
FY0NNANA2YAcclimatisation to NIPPVNocturnally
HN0NNANA0NNocturnally23 h per day
IY2N110YNocturnally16 h per day
JY2N112NWhen unwell with a respiratory tract infectionNocturnally
KN0NNANA1Y18 h a day20 h per day
LY1N011NAcclimatising to NIPPVNocturnally
  • N, no; NA, not applicable; NIPPV, non-invasive positive pressure ventilation; Y, yes.