Table 3

Results of regression analyses comparing the two trial arms on anthropometric outcomes at age 6 years

StatisticComparative statistic: Interv vs control* (95% CI)
OutcomeIntervention (N=100–101)Control (N=91–92)Unadjusted statisticStatistic95% CIp ValueICC
BMI z-score (mean (SD))0.5 (0.9)0.4 (0.9)0.10.2−0.1 to
Overweight/obese (%)20171.31.40.7 to
Waist circumference (cm, mean (SD))54.9 (4.5)55.2 (5.2)−0.4−0.3−1.6 to 1.10.70
  • * The comparative statistic is mean difference for quantitative outcomes (BMI z-score, waist) and OR for the dichotomous outcome.

  • The negative estimate of the ICC for waist circumference is truncated at zero.

  • Analyses adjusted for child gender, mother's educational level, family language other than English, and Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas Index of Relative Disadvantage code.

    BMI, body mass index; ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient; Interv, intervention arm.