Table 3

Mortality ratios from studies without follow-up or that used landmark analysis for children given one dose of DTP compared to children who had not received DTP

StudyAge followed (months)Type of studyDTP (died/total)No DTP (died/total)Mortality ratio (95% CI)Mortality ratio adjustment
Burkino Faso510–24Landmark2 Died280 Died0.24 (0.06 to 0.96)Age, dispensary use, diarrhoea, season
Philippines520–30Landmark91 Died6 Died*0.87 (0.33 to 2.29)Age, sex, education, birth weight, TV
Guinea-Bissau301–20Landmark19/455 (4.2%)2/78 (2.6%)1.58 (0.36 to 7.02)Age, sex
Guinea-Bissau312–14Landmark47/967 (4.9%)20/868 (2.3%)1.81 (0.95 to 3.45)BCG, period, region, season, sex
Guinea-Bissau500–12Landmark62/1295 (4.8%)72/1822 (4.0%)1.84 (1.10 to 3.01)BCG, cluster
Benin534–35Case –control15 Died18 Died2.20 (0.93 to 5.22)Age, location, sex
Guinea-Bissau321–8Case fatality28/174 (16.1%)1/11 (9.1%)2.32 (0.53 to 40.03)Age
Malawi330.2–8Landmark17 Died11 Died3.19 (0.80 to 12.8)Age, HIV
Guinea-Bissau341–59Case fatality41/221 (18.6%)4/72 (5.6%)3.45 (1.30 to 9.09)Age
  • * Two deaths with no DTP information were classified as unvaccinated.

  • BCG, Bacillus Calmette–Guerin; DTP, diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis; TV, radio and TV ownership.