Table 3

Comparison of paediatric malpractice claims in France and in the USA

CharacteristicsFranceCarroll et al8Selbst et al6
Cases (No)22863632283
Data sourceSou Médical-Groupe MACSF (2003–2007)PIAA* (1985–2005)PIAA (1985–2000)
Age1 month to 18 years0–18 years0–18 years
Physician involved in claimsPaediatrician, GPPaediatricianPhysician involved in urgent care
Most common misadventureDiagnostic errorDiagnostic errorDiagnostic error
Most frequent diagnosisMeningitisBrain-damaged infantMeningitis
Second diagnosisDehydrationMeningitisAppendicitis
  • * PIAA is a trade association of 50 medical malpractice insurance companies insuring 60% of all private practising physicians and surgeons in the USA.

  • GP, general practitioner.

  • Nd, not defined.

  • PIAA, Physician Insurers Association of America.