Table 3

Statutory outcomes

IDInterviewDaysDisclosedSource of infectionCYPFA process*Court involved*CYF action
1CFI, EVI7YesHalf-brotherInformalNoCounselling
2CFI<1NoCousin suspectedFormalFamilyIn care 6 weeks. Counselling and monitoring
3CFI, EVI1, 56NoUnknownFormalNoIn care 2 days. Liaison with school
4EVI3NoCousin (confessed)InformalCriminal (conviction)Support for family mental health
5PreverbalStepfather (confessed)InformalCriminal (conviction)Family placement, support
6EVI5YesUncleInformalCriminal (conviction)Family placement, counselling and support
7PreverbalParent (s)FormalFamily, Court of AppealIn care several years, case remains open
8CFI3NoUnknownFormalFamilyIn care 7 months, return to mother with support
9CFI2NoCase 8InformalNoCase conference, no further action
  • CFI, Child Focused Interview (conducted as a screening test by a front-line social worker); EVI, Evidential Video (Forensic) Interview.

  • * Formal means implementation of the Children Young Persons and Their Families Act, 1989 in the form of a written contract with the family, Family Group Conference or ruling by the Family Court. Informal means action which did not involve these procedures. The Family Court deals with matters of care and protection, not criminal liability.

  • In “care” means placed outside the family with a care giver authorised by CYF.