Table 2


IDN (%)<72 h<7 daysMaximum days to screenScreen positive gonorrhoea (age of contact)Isolates identical*Screen positive (other STI)
110/11 (91)All1Half-brother (15)Yes (ESR)Half-brother (C)
214/20 (70)6All6Cousin (18)Yes (ESR)Cousin (C)
323/23 (100)141421Stepfather's brother (C)
49/9 (100)8All4Cousin (15)YesCousin (C)
536/39 (92)930168Mother (19) and partner (16)YesMother and partner, cousin, 2 aunts (C)
612/13 (92)12All4Uncle (20)YesUncle (C, GW), 2 sisters (C)
713/13 (100)31124Mother (20), father (21), uncle (29)Yes (ESR)Mother, father, uncle and partner (C)
818/18 (100)91514Brother (17) and girlfriend (18), friend (9)Yes (ESR)
96/6 (100)All3
1012/12 (100)9949Baby sitter (17)Yes (ESR)
  • * By antimicrobial sensitivity (and molecular type if labelled ESR). Samples from the case 7 uncle and the case 8 brother were not matched with the index case.

  • In case 5, the source disappeared, and was screened 5.5 months later when arrested for another offence. In case 10, three contacts lived far away.

  • C, Chlamydia; GW, genital warts.