Table 3

Regression coefficients (β), and adjusted OR and 95% CI for variables included in the chosen model

Variablesβ CoefficientOR95% CIp Value
History of developmental delay1.68075.41.6 to 18.60.008
Risk factor for infection1.44084.20.9 to 20.90.077
State variation0.23361.30.3 to 4.70.728
Temperature category0.66431.91.4 to 2.7<0.001
Capillary refill time0.65951.90.6 to 5.80.243
Dehydration category1.3651392.0 to 7.6<0.001
Tachypnoea0.17601.20.6 to 2.20.585
Hypoxia category0.47341.61.1 to 2.40.026